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Universities & Research LaboratoriesPure Gases Powering Pure Discoveries

In the scientific community, pure gas is a prerequisite to developing the next big breakthrough.

In fact, even a molecular-level impurity can compromise an entire experiment and set research back months or even years. To support precision in the lab, scientists require purifier solutions that are both reliable and consistent.

At ARM Purification, our best-of-breed purifiers satisfy the precise requirements of research laboratories, upholding the stringent levels of gas purity needed to ensure accuracy and integrity in experimentation.

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Solving the Top Challenges for Universities & Research Laboratories

Process Purity

When it comes to scientific research, impurity levels as low as 100 parts per trillion (PPT) can compromise the integrity of results, making pure gas a pillar of valid experimentation.

At ARM Purification, our purifier components are produced in line with the most stringent standard for ultra high purity gas purification, keeping process gases pure to support scientific research.

High Costs

Research laboratories often face strict budgets and limited resources, requiring them to maximize the use of every piece of equipment and molecule of gas.

We offer expedited purifier regeneration services to restore vessels to full-life operation, as well as asset refreshment offerings to extend useful life by outfitting existing assets with the latest controllers and instruments.

Precision Demands

Experimentation requires researchers to regulate with exactness their control and variable groups, which demands that equipment meets precise requirements without fail.

Equipped with advanced controller technology, ARM Purification purifier solutions empower scientists to deliver gases with precision at a wide variety of flow rates, temperatures, and pressures.

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