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Clean Energy & SolarPure Gas Fueling Clean Power Sources

Today, the clean energy and solar industry is rising in prominence as society at large seeks more environment-friendly energy sources.

With an increasing demand for clean energy comes an increasing need to support the production of complex components, such as solar photovoltaics and LEDs, which are utilized by clean energy applications. These energy-critical components can be compromised by process gas impurity levels of less than 100 parts per trillion (PPT).

At ARM Purification, we deliver the high and ultra high purity gas purifier solutions required to meet the rigorous and evolving standards of the clean energy and solar industry, ultimately keeping clean power flowing.

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Solving the Top Challenges for the Clean Energy & Solar Industry

Evolving Technologies

As research continues to uncover newer and cleaner sources of renewable energy, the clean energy industry is tasked with rapidly producing new complex components, requiring flexibility and adaptability of existing systems.

ARM Purification offers technology refreshment services to refurbish existing assets with the latest controllers and instrumentation, extending the useful life of systems and reducing the cost of keeping systems in line with industry requirements.

Purity Standards

When working with clean energy, a single process impurity can risk the integrity of the compounds necessary for production, resulting in energy sources that fail to properly function.

From delivering the highest purity hydrogen and argon for polysilicon-based solar applications to providing precisely controlled levels of ammonia to create bright LEDs, ARM Purification’s purifiers distribute the pure gas needed for clean energy.

Diverse Applications

From solar to LEDs, diverse clean energy options challenge producers to leverage the same equipment to deliver precisely controlled levels of gas across a versatile array of applications.

Optimized for precise pressure and flow control, our purifiers allow users to control the amount of gas distributed during each application to uphold stringent process standards with exactness.

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Our suite of purifier solutions deliver total process excellence in complex clean energy applications.

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    Low flow rate purifiers serving single applications that require high-precision control.

  • Bulk Purifiers

    Large flow rate purifiers configurable to versatile applications.

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