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Pharmaceuticals & BiotechnologyPure Gas as the Lifeblood of Lifesaving Innovations

In pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, bringing life saving innovations to market relies on the purity and precision of gases used in the production process.

Even a trace impurity can interfere with active ingredients, compromising the efficacy and safety of the end product. In order to guarantee the safety and integrity of every drug and dose produced, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities must leverage purifier solutions that are proven to deliver high purity gas with a high degree of control.

At ARM Purification, we offer gas purification systems equipped with the automated and integrated control needed to empower repeatable results. From initial research to mass production, our systems can support the journey to discovery.

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Solving the Top Challenges for the Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Industry

Consumer Safety

When it comes to drug and biotech production, a single compromise impacts the efficacy and safety of a finished good, with faulty items resulting in ineffective treatment, or worse, treatment that does more harm than good.

ARM Purification surpasses required specifications for medical applications, leveraging oxygen-cleaned solutions to provide greater reliability and safety for the end user.

Precision Control

To guarantee the efficacy of pharmaceuticals or medical instruments, producers require precise control over process gases to guarantee highly repeatable, highly reliable results.

With options for integrated and automatic purifier controls, ARM Purification offers medical manufacturers the precise control required to produce precise pharmaceuticals.

Process Flexibility

When developing and producing new innovations, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies must rely on the quality and purity of high and ultra high purity gases from process start to finish.

Our purifiers are optimized for use with a diverse range of different gas types and applications, offering pharmaceutical producers the process flexibility they need to support breakthrough discoveries.

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Our suite of purifier solutions deliver total process excellence in pharmaceutical production.

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    Low flow rate purifiers serving single applications that require high-precision control.

  • Bulk Purifiers

    Large flow rate purifiers configurable to versatile applications.

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