Technology Refresh & Redeployment

Technology Refresh & Redeployment

Give New Life to Your Valuable Equipment

As purifiers age, the electronic components become outdated or worn, impacting overall efficacy. Even as electronics age, the core components of the bulk purifier, which represent a significant percentage of overall cost, are still usable.

ARM Purification extends the useful life of bulk purifiers by refreshing outdated equipment with modern process controls, HMI, and other electrical components—all while retaining core, often-costly components like vessels, valves, and plumbing that have a longer life span.

Our Refresh & Redeployment Services

  • Greater Return on Equipment Investment

    The high purity stainless vessels, valves, plumbing, and media represent a significant percentage of the overall cost of a new bulk gas purifier. ARM Purification replaces only necessary components, retaining those that are still useful to maximize the life span of our customer’s valuable assets.

  • Better Performance with Best-in-Class Electronics

    Bulk gas purifiers are typically designed for a decade or more of continuous operation. Yet, their electrical components often become outdated far more quickly. We will reequip purifiers with updated controls and instrumentation to maximize performance and keep your operation ahead.

  • Expert Technology Refresh Services

    We evaluate the physical condition of every purifier, as well as its major electrical components, and provide an expert recommendation on what to recondition, replace, or upgrade. Once we’ve completed a technology refresh, we offer a full testing and purity certification and optional on-site installation and startup.

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