Point-of-Use Purifiers
Gas Purifiers for Single, Low Flow Rate Applications

ARM Purification’s point-of-use purifiers offer relatively low flow rates at economical prices and are optimized for single application use.

Designed for high purity and ultra high purity applications that require impurity levels in process gases to be 100 PPT or less, ARM Purifications’s point-of-use purifiers accommodate various flow rates across six different models.


What We Offer

  • Designed for Low Flow Rates

    ARM Purification’s point-of-use purifiers are designed for low flow rates that span from 0.1 slpm to 100 slpm. Based on a targeted 2 year service life at nominal flow 24/7, our point-of-use purifiers are produced to uphold process gas integrity for ultra high purity applications requiring impurity levels of 100 PPT or less.

  • Customizable Models & Configurations

    With six available models, customized configurations are offered for versatile application demands. Such options include various inlet/outlet fittings, filtration, additional valves, a hydrogen removal stage, and in some cases, specific power supply voltage.

  • Optimized for Diverse Gases

    Various fill materials are available to cater to the gases being purified and the impurities that need to be removed, such as heated getters, catalysts for reactive gases, and absorbers for moisture and hydrocarbon removal.

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High Quality Point-of-Use Purifiers

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