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Industrial ManufacturingGas Purity Driving Precision and Productivity

From welding to tubing purge, gas blending manifolds, and more, the industrial manufacturing industry has stringent requirements for gas quality and control.

Although industrial manufacturing applications often only require industrial-grade gas purity, they also necessitate high precision control of the process gases used across a diverse array of applications—with even a small variation in flow rate compromising efficiency, safety, and output.

At ARM Purification, we offer reliable and cost-effective purifier solutions for industrial manufacturing applications to ensure integrity and quality at every stage of production.

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Solving the Top Challenges for the Industrial Manufacturing Industry

Machine Intelligence

As Industry 4.0 continues to transform manufacturing practices, plants are increasingly challenged to achieve greater control and insight into processes.

We offer advanced and automated purifiers that integrate into Industry 4.0-ready gas delivery equipment to provide facilities the real-time insight and process control required for diverse manufacturing applications.

Skilled Labor

The industrial manufacturing industry faces a labor shortage, as their most skilled technicians retire and not enough qualified candidates emerge to take their places.

From on-site installation and training to purifier servicing and technology refreshment, our expert team of professionals offers a full spectrum of skilled services and support to augment and empower existing personnel.

System Usability

As system complexity increases, industrial manufacturers are tasked with adopting the latest technology innovations without inadvertently introducing quality or safety compromises.

Our purifiers offer intuitive control technology, enabling individuals of all skill levels to successfully operate without risking compromises to gas purity or personnel safety.

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Our suite of purifier solutions deliver total process excellence in complex manufacturing environments.

  • Point-of-Use Purifiers

    Low flow rate purifiers serving single applications that require high-precision control.

  • Bulk Purifiers

    Large flow rate purifiers configurable to versatile applications.

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