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Semiconductors & ElectronicsGas Purity as the Bedrock of Fabrication

Semiconductor fabrication facilities must maintain highly stringent standards for precision and purity. In fact, a single particulate can compromise chip integrity and detrimentally impact production yield.

At the same time, increasing expectations for yield optimization are challenging fabs to produce a greater number of wafers than ever before. To balance exceedingly high-quality standards and ever-increasing production demands, fabrication plants must leverage quality gas delivery and purification equipment that is proven to uphold unerring purity without pause.

ARM Purification’s ultra-high purity components are manufactured in line with the highest industry standards and proven to deliver the ultra high purity gases and cryogens necessary for successful fabrication and maximum yield.

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Solving the Top Challenges for the Semiconductor & Electronic Industry

Process Purity

A single process impurity risks compromising an entire wafer’s integrity, requiring fabs to pair high-quality fabrication equipment with pure process and purge gases.

ARM Purification’s purifier components are manufactured in line with the most stringent standards for UHP purification to keep process gases pure throughout the fabrication process.

Yield Expectations

Advancing technology has led to increasingly high expectations for productivity and efficiency, challenging fabs to produce a greater number of wafers at increasingly rapid rates.

Our purifiers are built to endure through the wear and tear of continuous operation. When one reaches end of life, we expedite regeneration to get operations up and running as quickly as possible.

Process Flexibility

Innovative manufacturing approaches are driving demand for more exacting delivery of specialty gases at precise pressures, temperatures, and flow rates.

From ammonia to xenon, ARM Purification has proven purifier solutions for all UHP gases and cryogens across a wide variety of flow rates and with a diverse range of customization options.

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    Large flow rate purifiers configurable to versatile applications.

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