Component Sets for Ultra-High Purity Operating at Ambient Temperatures

Purifier vessels, or component sets, are economical solutions optimized for low flow, single point-of-use gas purification applications.

Designed to remove impurities without the need for heat, ARM’s point-of-use vessels uphold exacting standards of performance across six different model sizes, allowing for flexible customization across a number of gas delivery systems.

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Vessels Key Features

  • Flow Rate Versatility

    Allows for flow rates of up to 300 slpm.

  • Quality Materials

    Utilizes 316L high purity and ultra high purity stainless steel, with internal surfaces electro-polished to meet a <10Ra finish

  • Optimized Design

    Provides off-the-shelf designs and easily customized solutions when required.

  • Ease of Installation

    Allows for easy installation and operation, with optional panel mounting available.

  • High Pressure Options

    Up to 20.5 MPa.


  • Inlet/outlet isolation valves and connection options
  • Sub-micron particle filtration


Vessels are optimized for a variety of high precision applications, including:

  • Welding/Purging
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Semiconductor process equipment
  • Analytical equipment
  • Annealing cover gases

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High Quality Point-of-Use Purifiers

Learn more about our suite of point-of-use products for high precision, low flow rate applications.

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Vessels Dimensions & Flow Rates

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FP – 0.003 um integral outlet filtration CR – 0.1 um integral outlet filtration

High Purity Solutions for Every Application

Do you need a point-of-use purifier vessel for your application? Explore our product finder to discover which product best fulfills your gas purification requirements.

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