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Value-Added Services from ARM Purification

Our commitment to powering purity for our customers runs deep. That’s why we augment our full range of purifier solutions with a suite of customer-centered services focused on delivering even greater value. The shipment is only the beginning of our partnership.

From analytical services to refurbishment, regeneration, and application support, we’ll lend our impressive team of gas purity experts to understand your unique requirements, service your mission-critical equipment, and unleash even greater performance and cost effectiveness from your purifier solutions.

Our Suite of Services

  • Purifier Regeneration

    When a purifier that operates at ambient temperatures reaches end of life, a heated regeneration is required to restore the vessel to full-life operation. With expedited and routine regeneration services, we will rapidly get your vessel back up and running.

  • Gas Analysis

    Your purifiers are only as good as their ability to uphold the integrity and purity of mission-critical gases. Our portable analytical services provide state-of-the-art analysis of trace impurities to PPT levels.

  • Asset Evaluation

    Unsure of the operational condition of your purifier assets? We will provide an on-site asset evaluation, complete with a written report of condition and recommendations for component replacement or on-site servicing.

  • Technology Refresh & Redeployment

    Bulk gas purifiers age technologically and chronologically over time. As part of our tech refresh service offering, we’ll update asset controls and instrumentation to give your existing equipment new life.

  • Asset Disposal

    Many purifiers that are obsolete still contain active media that is either pyrophoric or combustible. We will ensure a safe and proper asset end of life by neutralizing the media and disposing of the remaining materials.

  • Purifier Training

    Our commitment to the customer doesn’t end when the order is placed. With flexible training solutions, our experts are available to come on-site and demonstrate proper purifier operation and maintenance.

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