Simple Vessels for Ambient Temperatures

Ambient temperature purifiers offer moderate flow rates that are optimal for applications requiring high purity, regenerative solutions.

Designed to effectively purify with an ambient temperature purifier, ARM Purification’s micro-bulk vessels offer the highest standard in gas delivery systems via six cost-effective models, allowing for customization across flow rates, gases being purified, input impurity load, and desired lifetime between regeneration and replacement.

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Vessels Key Features

  • Flow Rate Versatility

    Allows for flow rates of up to 1200 slpm.

  • Quality Materials & Controls

    Utilizes high purity 316L stainless steel with electropolished wetted surfaces.

  • Optimized Design

    Leverages an open frame structure to ensure clean installations of regenerated vessels, and NEMA enclosures for non-removal of factory regeneration.

  • Ease of Installation

    Allows for easy installation and operation, with panel mounting available.

  • High Pressure Optimization

    Achieves vacuum pressures up to 20.5 MPa.

  • Flexible Filtration Options

    Provides CR-0.1 micron and FP-0.003 micron integral filter options.


  • Sub-micron particle filtration
  • Variety of inlet/outlet valves, isolation valves, and connections
  • Panel mounting
  • Purge/sample ports
  • Multiple vessels with manifolds


Vessels are optimized for moderate gas volumes in high purity and ultra high purity applications, including:

  • High production rate weld gas/purge gas
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Glove box purge gas
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Annealing cover gas

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High Precision Micro-Bulk Purifiers

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Vessels Dimensions & Flow Rates

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High & Ultra High Purity Solutions for Every Application

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