Advertising – Enhance Innovation & Enable Process Integrity

Enhance Innovation & Enable Process Integrity

Advanced purifier solutions for high and ultra high purity applications

Ensure Pure Performance with ARM Purification

From 5G to autonomous vehicles, next generation technologies are increasingly requiring high performance semiconductors. Yet, even trace impurities in process gases can introduce latent defects that inhibit your ability to advance chip development.

ARM Purification’s gas purifiers deliver the next-level purity needed to level up your innovation. Achieving up to 99.99999999% gas purity, you can be confident our technology will ensure process integrity so you can increase production yield—even as fabrication becomes more and more complex.

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    The ARM Purification Suite of Solutions

    ARM Purification is proud to offer an extensive suite of gas purifiers, each uniquely designed to cater to various gas types, flow rates, and impurity levels.


    Point-of-Use Purifiers

    Optimized for single, low flow rate gas purification applications requiring impurity levels to be 100 pptv or less.


    Micro-Bulk Purifiers

    Designed for long-lasting, moderate flow rate gas purification at an affordable cost.


    Bulk Purifiers

    Configured to meet permanent, large flow rate gas purification demands between 60 – >5000 nm³/hr.

    Not sure what purification solution is right for your needs?

    AES and ARM Purification will apply our collective expertise to understand your application requirements and deliver the gas purifiers you need to increase production yield and ensure process integrity.