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Additive ManufacturingTotal Gas Purity for Additive Manufacturing

Also known as 3D printing, additive manufacturing is transforming industrial production by bringing digital flexibility and efficiency through the manufacturing of layered materials.

Components produced via additive manufacturing need to be built in a controlled environment in order to minimize the introduction of impurities during production that can compromise component quality or strength. Integral to this controlled environment is the quality of process gases and equipment used during production, which must comply with the requisite standards for purity and precision.

At ARM Purification, we deliver purifier solutions required to meet the rigorous and evolving standards of the additive manufacturing industry, minimizing impurities and maximizing quality layer upon layer.

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Solving the Top Challenges for the Additive Manufacturing Industry

Evolving Technologies

As the additive manufacturing industry rapidly incorporates new technologies and techniques such as rapid prototyping (RP), direct digital manufacturing (DDM), and 3D and 4D printing, its mission-critical equipment must also remain ahead of the curve.

ARM Purification offers technology refreshment services to refurbish existing purifier assets with the latest controllers and instrumentation, extending the useful life of systems and reducing costs.

Purity Standards

Impurities can still remain after the atmosphere is purged between build cycles, which can risk the integrity of layered materials—even if just one layer is affected. 

By precisely separating gases and liquids from the air while removing impurities, ARM Purification’s purifiers enable the delivery of pure gas needed for additive manufacturing.

Consistency & Repeatability

As some additive manufacturing standards require precise and high-quality tolerance levels of fewer than 10 microns, there are still concerns over product consistency and repeatability that may surface.

By offering precise and versatile purifier solutions, ranging from low to large flow rates and non-heated to heated technologies, ARM Purification enables additive manufacturers to adopt solutions that meet their precise requirements, no matter how diverse.

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Our suite of purifier solutions deliver total process excellence in additive manufacturing applications.

  • Point-of-Use Purifiers

    Low flow rate purifiers serving single applications that require high-precision control.

  • Micro-Bulk Purifiers

    Moderate flow rate purifiers offering customization of key features at an affordable cost.

  • Bulk Purifiers

    Large flow rate purifiers configurable to versatile applications.

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